Autumn & Cory

Sheldon & Heidi

Rhiley & Dawson

Courtney & Brynlee

Holy Smokes

That is absolutely my words to describe this session. An amazing family that I adore reached out to me to handle their family photos!

I am so thrilled to have gotten to work with some incredible individuals and tailor their session towards each of their unique personalities. This split session started in an open field, quite literally in the middle of nowhere, (If you've booked me you probably know the one) and ended up at a stunning tree farm outside of Wellsville NY. This session landed on the perfect day, as we got plenty of cloud coverage and amazing peeks of light. I was struggling to try and find locations and my brother came out of nowhere with the idea to call Mr. Sweeting, a lovely gentleman that has a tree farm on South Hill Road. He was so precious and happy to have so many people to show off his trees to! And honestly I couldn't get enough. From the large family shot, to each of the individual couples and kiddo, I just adore how brightly their energy shines through their portraits.

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