Destination Engagement Sessions are INCREDIBLE

I am so thrilled to have met Izzy and Matt. When they booked their wedding, our excitement quickly turned to their engagement photos. Izzy had a few places in mind, and I'm super thankful we decided on the Allegany National Forest near Bradford PA. As we hiked down the gorgeous paths through stunning rocks and foliage, we arrived at the most incredible lookout. Arriving an hour and a half before sunset, our shots were so magical as we got amazing golden light. I highly encourage anyone that's looking to have their photos done to collaborate with their photographer and find a unique and special spot that encompasses their interests and style. This location has easily made my top 5 locations I've ever shot at! I've left the location below, it's available to book for 2021! Fellow WNY photographers, you won't regret going the extra distance for this location- just know, there's hardly any cell service!

Forest Rd 454, Bradford, PA 16701

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