Location, location, location

Kailee and Ross chose a perfect location for their engagement photos. Was the lighting a mess? Yes. Was it freezing? Yes. But the location was their family property, they were together, and we had so much fun- so it was perfect.

I can't lie, my skills were put to the test this day. Although the sun helped with how cold it was, we were really gunning for overcast. Instead we got bright, wonderful clear skies with the sun directly overhead. If you should know one thing about photos, overhead lighting is not the *most* flattering for subjects. These two were such a blast, and as we zipped around the country roads of Pennsylvania (could you tell? looks kinda beachy to me if you can imagine the snow as sand) we found an incredible hill that gave us a beautiful open winter sky to use as out grandiose backdrop. We got to hike around their family property and twirl down the road to capture their engagement photos. I am so excited to capture their special day and share this experience with these two!