I never in a million years planned this

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That's my one-word summary of this whole past year.

In this whole post-C*vid world there are a lot of things in my life that I never dreamed would happen if you had asked me in 2020. One of which is ending up in a position where I desperately needed to move, and had no clue where to go- so- I bought a house.

Funny enough, the offer was put in on the same day of my first date with my now fiance. (Exactly one year ago... in 3 days). From there, photography took off, things seemed hopeful and I decided to push my limits and try to travel to build my portfolio.

After a wedding in NC, I drove all night back to NY and got the call to pick up the keys on April 1st! My then-boyfriend and I decided at that time that after a wholeeeee month of being together, we were gonna flip this duplex. And that we did! Starting with the upstairs that is now our very own 70s bnb.

Thankfully, the upstairs was in great condition and just needed some love and a new vision. We spent the entire spring/summer fixing up the inside and the exterior before we got access to the downstairs. We definitely had a bunch of bumps in the road but in the end, it turned out beautifully.

I am so thankful

My and my Fiances family are incredible and I'm so thankful for all of the hours spent making this crazy dream a reality. It's been so incredibly fun being able to find ways to reinvent the space, and thrift my little heart out to find amazing pieces that I hope will be appreciated by many guests to come.

This space was crafted with photos in mind, to be picturesque, peaceful, and inviting and I am SO happy to say that in addition to overnight guests, it is also a space that is open to creatives to utilize! I have already done some super fun sessions here and with more on the books and other photographers reaching out and using the space, I can't wait to see all the memories being made here in my little home.

Stick around for the downstairs update...