I worked on this stunning wedding with a good friend and incredible photographer Kayla over at Bock Babes Photography.

This session was my second trip down to North Carolina, with two back-to-back weddings, over in Mount Airy.

Upon arrival to this stunning mountain top venue that overlooked the valley, it was an incredibly hot 80-degree day. Thankfully this wedding was all indoors in a beautiful stay-in location that allowed for a ton of fun both indoor and out when it cooled off later in the evening.

Luna's Trail Farm and Event Center

Getting Ready

The Bridal Suite had an absolutely stunning setup with a queen bed, gorgeous décor, and tons of room with *incredible air conditioning*

It included a private bathroom and was on the second floor, a long hallway across from the Groomsmen suite. 10/10 location as there were stairwells to each side of the getting ready suites, ensuring that the bride and groom would not have any reason to bump into each other. In the middle of the wedding party suites, there were many rooms for guests that were all perfectly decorated and cozy. In the midst of getting hair and makeup done, Meghan was able to relax and enjoy champagne with her ladies and their adorable matching socks.

The Groom

The Suite

The Room the Groomsmen got ready in - the greens- were to die for. I love a little pop of color and this room was equally sizeable for the guys to hang out and get ready. Grant and Meghan shared gifts (in private) as a part of their special day, and it was precious.

The Ceremony Hall

Such a beautiful location

Chandeliers. stone, windows, a stunning view- what more could you ask for? I loved the setup for this ceremony, directly adjacent to the reception hall, separated by sliding wooden doors. There was a perfect amount of space for the Segers to hold a small moment of worship, as well as for their wedding party to comfortably share the floor with the bride and groom.

One of my favorite moments

While Grant and Meghan shared a first touch, and a first prayer- they requested for their moment to only be briefly captured and kept private. This moment is a strong second, as they exchanged a ceremonial foot washing that nearly brought the room to tears. I appreciate my bride and grooms that go the extra step to include the special moments such as this in their planning process. Absolutely beautifully executed.

Bright sun and family/wedding party portraiture

Mid-day photos in bright lighting can be a photographers *semi* worst nightmare. This location offered so much diversity on the property that just a couple of feet off of the parking lot we were able to go along the treeline to find some shade as well as have some photo fun while maintaining the comfort of accessibility for family members as well as a bit of privacy for the wedding party to let loose.

The Reception

I just cannot express how amazing this location was. I'll let the images speak for themselves!


The After Party

And of course, the Sparkler exit

Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Seger!

And a special thank you to Luna's Trail Farm and Event Center for the incredible venue. If you have not already, go check out Kayla at Bock Babes Photography, my amazing associate shooter on this wedding. (Her work is killer, you don't wanna miss it!)