So my friend Courtney...

Courtney reached out to me to coordinate a photoshoot with Santa at her aunts gorgeous little greenhouse. I've known Courtney for years and her precious little boy Chase has been my mini model twice now, but this session holds by far one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. When you're dealing with kiddos and trying to take their photos, there is one thing you have to prepare yourself for. You must have 0 expectations for how the session will go, and cherish the results regardless of the outcome. Mini humans have the best personalities, and will certainly surprise you. While his cousin was absolutely loving her photoshoot, Chase had different feelings.

I have learned that these shots are often times the best, I mean come on- you can't fake that raw fear. I know that the family and I will be able to look back and laugh at images like these for years to come.

(my absolute favorite to date)

After Chase was back in mom and dads arms, we ended up with gorgeous shots like this

My biggest takeaway from this session, is sometimes you have to improvise. Keeping the stress levels at a minimum is one of my biggest concerns on a shoot. My goal is to work with my clients to make them feel gorgeous, relaxed and assure them that - Hey! I got this!

I love sneaking in extra pics when the lighting is just perfect, and when my subjects are just too stunning to resist. Being December 12th, on a cloudy day, I was not expecting a peak of sunlight but I'm so glad I got some. And here's the result of the dreamy golden light :

And as a bonus, we busted out his biker fit for this bad boy shot

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