Welcome to the Client Portal!

Here you will find all of the information you need to get ready for your session!

For my visual learners:

Take a look at these images, where the subjects are all in light neutrals/white

If you gravitate towards this look, I would suggest taking inspiration from these outfit choices and using them for your session. These images also have a brighter, more open location. Think bright, cream colors, eggshell, light accessories, flowy or fun elements- and you've got yourself a light&bright glowy image that is consistent with my styling. Brides to be: white is the perfect go-to for a good trial run for engagement photos to see how your images will look (color wise) for your wedding day.

Now let's switch it up and add in a new type of location- take it a bit moodier

we'll also add a neutral pop of color (Keyword, neutral, not neon) to get away from the "white bright" look, while keeping consistent elements for my style

If you gravitate towards this style, pick outfit color choices that aren't too vibrant but add an earthy, deep tone to your images. My favorite is tones of Orange but Dusty Rose, Navy Blue, Deep Red, and Greens are all color examples that have a richness to them. These colors help add a moody vibe, which in combination with location is key to creating the bolder more colorful look. For this style, let me know that you like colorful as opposed to neutral.

Let's talk black & White

While it can be tricky, it's a wildcard styling option that I love. Black is considered a neutral option in my opinion, which can help add a classic and chic look to your image. While it can also read next level moody, there are ways to pick pieces that are classy while not being gothic.

Now, the details

If there is one thing you can notice in each and every image, it's that there are no t-shirts, logos, ballcap hats, hair ties on the wrist, or bright/neon colors. We want to leave the pops of color to tasteful accessory options. I welcome bringing in colors to your session in a way that is not overly distracting from the subject. Colors can be added through curated clothing options, florals, background elements, and accessories.

I have a wonderful list of recommended Dress Rentals that can be added on to your session for an additional cost, or I can send you the link so that you can peruse their beautiful options yourself!

For florals, I work with a local floral vendor that offers affordable bouquet options, if you choose to add a floral package to your session. I always encourage my clients that want to play with flower choices to go wildflower picking, or search for their own florals as well if they so choose!

If you love color choices in terms of outfits, I would love to work with you as to the specific color choices you are dreaming of, in order to keep your images focused on you- and making the pops of color compliment the image, instead of distract.